Preschool! & Toddler kids learning Abby Games free App Reviews

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This app can is specially designed for the kids of preschool. It could teach them numbers, patterns and other knowledge by playing this it! Full rating!

Good education app

What a great education app. Helped teaching such as to figure out the difference between the object and color etc. Kid loves it so much. Good product! Want more like this.

nice app!

A great childrens application, it helps mychildren to grow up in the process ofunderstanding the world. The app looks verycreative and can help my child.


This app is very useful for kids who are preschool. My son likes this app most. So great!!!

Great app

Really good app for young learners. Entertaining, but also educational. Works well.


The basic version and paid version is the same thing....dont waste your money buying this

Fun for kids

My little cousin loves this game she loves to get a sticker every time she finishes.


I dont know what toddler has enough patience to even get thru the opening screen, I felt like it took a long time to get to the learning activities. It felt like I was being quizzed rather than playing a game. A child would have to already be educated in knowing what a pattern is to play, even then it isnt helping to educate them, but rather quizzing the abilities.

Best app ever

Best educational app for kids on the App Store. My son has had a few difficulties at first but him has mastered his age level and I just bumped him up to higher level. Ill recommend it to my friends.

Good app

Everything you could ask for in a childrens app. Nothing is more important for kids than keeping them interested and engaged with learning. Easy to use and navigate to even for kids, and the contents are sufficient and effective. Thanks guys!

This is really amazing

Provides a variety of useful games to choose from in one preschool app. My daughter is learning new skills with every game. It keeps her attention and she is actually learning at the same time!

Really useful

Just got this fun for my daughter. Game design is pretty good, especially suitable for children to play, my daughter really loves this and can spend hours to play it. Love it and the content it has to offer!

This is a good choice

Its really a worth app for toddlers. The game can help your children train their memory and learn lots of knowledge. Its good for intelligence developing, so you can download it for you kids, theyll like it.

This game is pretty good

This game is great and very useful for children. It can make kids learn many skills and have fun. The challenges are very appropriate for kids and keep them occupied for hours. The graphics and sounds are better than others I have ever seen!

So far so good

Simple enough for your child to navigate alone or with little guidance. It offers useful contents and features so your kids never get bored. I have spread about this app to all my friends and family members. Great for kids!

By far the best

This is the only educational game that I downloaded for my kid! He loves this game so much and play with it every day. Its easy to understand and fun to play.

Recommend this game

This game is really good for children! It helps my children to learn different knowledge before go to preschool. Its a great educational game and would definitely recommend it to parents!

Works great!

This is app with and have many options to make the letters. Good interface, more fun and appealing to kids. I also love the multiple options allow you to go from teaching the plain letters. Recommend it.


the combination of studying games did so successfully for this application, its rewarding and fun

Great app

This app for children. I have used for my kids and to see them so happy and excited. I can coax them to eat with this app. Great.

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